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I don't usually do these because darnit there's only so much time in the day. But I find myself between edits, about to launch into the Gryfon Party, feeling blessed and celebratory. And this is just plain fun. So here we go!


Post 8 facts about your character.
Tag other characters.
Post their names along with their creator’s avatars.

Dot asked me about Caj, which is good, because I luvs him. And goodness this is probably more than eight facts because I do love talking about my gryfs.

 Noble Caj by ElementalJess

1. Caj is from a noble family native to the Ostral Shores, gryfons who are considered Aesir, but known as Lakelanders. His bloodline is renowned on both sides for their discipline and skill in combat. He has no siblings, which many Lakelanders regret, because they would probably be awesome as well.

2. He became an initiated warrior by famously routing twenty eagles from Aesir hunting grounds in his youth. (Rumor has it he was alone, but he will correct anyone that he was in fact with a patrol of five other gryfons, including Sverin -- who was not granted warrior status for the battle. Only after the Conquering in the Silver Isles did Per see fit to recognize his "feckless" and undisciplined son as a warrior).

3. "Noble Caj" and his father, Cai, were known before and after the Conquering for their sense of fairness, justice, and mercy. Many gryfons too intimidated to approach Sverin will often go through his wingbrother, Caj. They became wingbrothers when they were young after feeling immediately happy and at ease in each other's company, Caj enjoying Sverin's powerful spirit and sense of adventure, and Sverin appreciating Caj's steadiness and reliability.

4. As a young gryfon, his only goal in life was to rise in the ranks and become First Sentinel of the Dawn Spire, find a practical and quiet mate, and raise a large family. He is brave and loyal but not terribly adventurous, and enjoys predictable routines.

5. It was actually Caj's mother, Bara, who was a descendant of the gryfons who flew with Kajar, and passed on the dragon's curse to her son. She did not survive the journey to the Silver Isles when the cursed families left the Winderost.

6. After the Conquering, Sverin pressured Caj to mate with an Aesir-- specifically his father's cousin, Eyvin, but Caj had already turned his attention to the young Vanir healer, Sigrun. He saw her practical nature and objectivity in healing all gryfons who came into her care as rare qualities. He courted her for a year after the Conquering, and when she finally realized Stigr was not going to return, she let herself see all the wonderful things about Caj. But not before speaking with Ragna, who agreed that if Sigrun was going to mate with an Aesir, he was probably the only one worthy of her.

7. He does not care for fish at all.

8. He is outrageously proud of his daughter, Thyra, and it is thanks mostly to Sigrun that Thyra didn't end up spoiled as a nestling, for how Caj doted on her. As Thyra grew into a huntress, Caj's natural sense of order and discipline took hold and helped to refine his daughter's character -- but their loving bond will always be sealed by long days of playing and sparring, hunting, and nights falling asleep to Caj's voice, singing for her, Shard, and Sigrun all the legends of his home.

Enough about gryfs!

1. :iconfarloft-the-dragon: I see Farloft everywhere -- tell us about another character of your choice.

2. :iconra-meenan: Tell us more about Izzy :D

3. :iconnetraptor: You have some new stories out . . . tell us about a new character of your choice.

4. :iconcomixqueen: Tell me about the stryx! Who are they? What are they? Tell me your favorite one.

5. :iconmcah: Tell us about a secondary Pelted Paradox character of your choice, preferably from Earthrise trilogy. I LOVE DEM ALL.

6. :iconeagleflyte: Tell us more about one of your gryphon or avian characters of choice.

7. :iconlvadams: Tell us more about Keshaar!

8. :iconmistywren: Tell us about a character of your choice from the Aberrants.

Okay, I would do a million more peoples but I must go forth and do Things. Can't wait to hear everyone's stuff. Remember to put my lil icon in so I know you finished your list!

Fair winds ^__^
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